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Solutions that impact your practice

The PatientActivator solution is a complete and integrated, web-based service that manages patient communications via email, text messages and live telephone calls. The service is completely automated as a true "set it and forget it" application.

With PatientActivator you can better manage your resources to focus on projects that generate greater revenues all while dramatically increasing the level of support and satisfaction that your patients receive. Use the PatientActivator solution as part of your daily operations to:
  • Improve office efficiency using automated patient communications
  • Reduce no-shows by actively reminding and confirming appointments in advance
  • Retain and increase customer loyalty by promoting services that your patients seek
  • Avoid mundane administrative tasks that are prone to error
  • Gain insight into how your practice operates in real time
  • Increase revenues, increase profits and patient referrals
Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any web browser to manage, edit and maintain direct relationships with your patients, quickly and easily. There is no hardware to purchase and configure, no software to buy and maintain and no costly support contracts to manage. Our turnkey solution is designed with the needs of practices of all sizes and service types to fully utilize the power and accessibility of the internet to streamline your unique needs.